Spiral Scratch

Damn. Pete Shelley gone. Woke up this morning to Rain and Wind and this very sad news. The Buzzcocks were and are a big part and firm favourite of mine, and I was fortunate to be able to meet with Pete a few times and tell him so.


Pete used to call at our flat in the early 80s at Old Lansdowne Road Didsbury Manchester. One of the girls I shared with was Carole Morley and Pete had a crush on her. Whisked her off to Paris at the drop of a hat. I remember him so well as if it was yesterday. A real Northern Gent. I lost touch through the years and this image is the only one I could find in my archives. I am often amazed that not more get lost through moving house, county, city, country. I remember when I first arrived in Manchester and Homosapien was one of my favourite records. I also recall that XL1 had some sort of floppy disk to use with a Sinclair ZX. The original release was packaged with a computer program which featured lyrics and graphics which displayed in time with the music. Non amazing now, but was a big thing then. Travel on well punk pioneer and ace Mancunian songsmith.


R.I.P., Pete.


No Life Without History


Hattie  2011

Looking back through decades of my images (I was hunting for two in particular), it did strike me just how many moments I have experienced, documented, forgotten and remembered.


Abandoned Dance 2012

Regardless of what I did with any of those experiences after the fact, one thing remained common among all of them. I will never experience any of those moments again. In that sense, photography becomes a document of that which we will never again have. This is a potentially dangerous line of thought, I know. One should be careful how often one looks back. But despite that danger, I am helped by what these images remind me off.


Masks 2014

I think we have a lot of trouble valuing the future. And we got awfully caught up in the present. Looking back is often where we best realise the value in what we have had, or experienced.


Boy and Puppy 2013

Going through the decades of collected photography I was first startled by all the things I have seen in these past years. In truth, I have seen much more than that but I have been making images from my life for about 35 years now, which is way more than half my life.


Mike and Anto 1990

So there is much I have done that has not been documented by me. It is a heady record of sights seen, friends had, trips made, quiet moments spent and the turning, turning, turning of the years.


Simone 2013

It was a bit sad too, I admit. Images I looked at and remembered well surprised me by already having aged five or six years. Was it really that long ago so fast? To see photos of yourself younger, or people you knew who no longer live. These can be melancholic pleasures.


Jesper and Ken 1988

But I think this is OK, at least in measured doses. This reminder of time slipping by, of things loved and lost, of no river being stepped in twice; is what helps me colour the present more vividly, this is what helps me float through the little dramas of today that I really have no business allowing myself to become entangled by.


Dorset 1984

Why do I want to spend those precious moments angry at traffic, or frustrated by the things that need attending, ruing the weather? The answer is that I don’t. I only get that particular moment once and if I am lucky, I’ll make a photo in it to remind myself later how valuable a bit of time it was.


Gilbert, Pierre, Jean-Dennis, Susan – Chartres 2011

And as the title promised  – A Life needs a history.




New Topia


It was us against the world
But now it’s me against something so big and so abstract
That I can’t tell what it is.


Well, our world’s in free fall and I’m terrified


And everyone’s just out to grab what they can get.


And be up there, where the beautiful people live

But is that ever who we even wanted to be?


You’ve got a big chance coming

A big chance coming now.


So don’t stay in a bad place

Where they don’t care how you are.


Going Back Pt.2 or Majorcean Memories

In a previous post I talked about how I like to go back to familiar places and try to see and discover new things. Well this falls into that category albeit it could cover travel and getting older and maybe a little wiser as well.


20 years old and care free. Pit stop at a deserted farmhouse mainland Spain on the way to Majorca.

During my childhood I spent many sun-soaked and long summer holidays on the beautiful Island of Majorca. In the early 80s I managed to work and live there.


Holiday Club Pontinental Cala Mesquida Pirate Club 1982


21st birthday in Porto Cristo

I always promised myself to go back. But that it would take almost 30 years I did not envisage.


My hotel for the trip. Highly recommended.

So as my 50th birthday approached I decided to take a trip down memory lane and try to visit as many places as I could remember and hopefully see one or two new ones.


Watching the sun rise in the mountains on my 50th birthday.


Cala Mesquida now.


Only the Beach Hut remains at Cala Mesquida of what once was a large Holiday Club. Happy Memories.



Many things have changed and the Island is not as unspoiled and rural as it once was. It has however retained its magical charm if one cares to look and seek.






Playa Romantica and the famous Gran Meson. Sadly no more. Haunt of many crazy times.


Celler Sa Premsa. Superb beyond words.


Birthday Dinner at the Hotel



The Start of the 4 Coves Walk


The most beautiful of the 4 Coves


At the end of the walk. Blisters popped. Ouch.

I thoroughly enjoyed my memory trip and still would like to retire there one day, as to me it is the most beautiful place I know.

But if you want to give God a laugh tell her your plans…………


Four Legs

img445dog main

Manchester 2011

Having grown up with dogs and having a passion for photography it was dogs who were my first subjects all those moons ago.

Today I am still fascinated by the relationship of man and dog. And through the years I have built up a collection of images all shot on old and expired film. I felt that this adds something to the image. And since I mostly shot with film it came easy.

Several cameras where used as were both 35mm and 120 film. As I travel around the place I find that the closeness of man and animal is the same wherever I may wander.


                     Paris 2011




Yorkshire 2012


Manchester 2012


Barmouth 2014


Point to Point 2011


Point to Point 2011


Wales 2010


Chartres 2011


Paris 2011


Sam a long time ago


The People are the Landscape

People 1

The people are the landscape.

The people are the eyes and ears

Of mourning spaces

Forgotten places

With sounds of one hand clapping

Of landscapes that otherwise stand blind

Stand silent

Without eyes or tears

People 2

In sweet delight and bright surprise.

People 13


I have always had a feeling that people and landscapes need each other. Yes they surely work just by themselves, but when coming together something magical happens. Something spiritual.

People 3

The landscape is so often reflected in the aura of the people when momentarily coaxed out of their comfort zone to be photographed.

People 4

This landscape can be anywhere from large city to forgotten and desolate places to wide open spaces. I am always surprised how much more an image can give once people are included.

People 7

I am not talking about candid street photography, or landscape or portrait photography, but the union of human and spaces to create a unique landscape. Wherever that may be.

People 6

Something I enjoy doing.

People 5

People 9

People 10

People 11

People 12


People 8