The Dark Summer


Evil is a black tower built by man’s endeavour

Brick by brick & deed by deed

It is the fuel on which our fears all feed

Love is but a whisper, a breath, nothing more

But love will win because love is coming from an endless store

Taking Flight


I am not generally a spontaneous photographer. At least not in the sense of photos that happen in less than 5 seconds of seeing something. I do tend to be spontaneous in the sense that I wander with little direct and rely on intuition frequently. But when I do spot something I tend to be patient and take my time figuring it out before photographing it. Sometimes this takes less than a minute; sometimes it takes more than several minutes. Part of this is because of the cameras I use – the Hasselblad, Nikon or the pinholes – but a big part of it because I like the semi-meditative approach of finding something and then dwelling on it a minute before recording my thoughts/experience by way of an image.

Darkest Dreaming


Stand together and let our art tell stories that last the ages. Now more than ever, hopefully we can find peace and a way to be effective in provoking positive human change. We as a global society will fall or stand together!

Lost Somewhere Out There…


I am in the process of trying to express what photographic elusiveness means to me. I know the answer, deep in my psyche, but knowing and saying are two different matters. Some things we know, but we don’t have the words to articulate that meaning. This is one of the dangers with becoming fluent in the alternative language of photography. You start to express things through imagery that you cannot really back up in writing. The photos allow you to go places the words cannot follow. Normally this is ok, preferable even. Until you try to explain it in writing.

Now, I don’t feel that writing with your photos is a required thing. Hard to believe if you spend much time reading my posts. But truly, I don’t think it is required. In fact, I think it should only accompany photos when it adds further depth or context, otherwise it detracts. But if you can manage to write something meaningful or thoughtful, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. You add another facet to the work. So many times I have flipped through a book only to reach the end, go back to the beginning and finally read the artist statement and then look through the book again with a new perspective and new insight.

So let’s start with the elusive feeling that winter brings.


I admit that I like the quiet and the peace that is so much more easily found in the winter. There are few quieter places than a snowy forest. Often the crunch of my boots is the only sound I hear for hours. There are few places we can easily go where we are afforded such silence. The solitude is important to me. And I’d be remiss to not point out the beauty that is winter as well. I love a green forest, but a white forest is a magical place.


Anyway, those are my thoughts for now. I feel the well starting to run dry. But I wanted to get these down in writing at least. Writing is after all, a process. Mature writings don’t just come into being complete. They take time to grow, not to mention effort. Maybe someday I will finish this, and maybe it will have a decent essay to introduce it, and maybe you will end up reading it and perhaps you will remember it started here with these kernels of ideas and semi-formed rambling. Maybe. We’ll see.



Conspiracy theorism is a form of mental pathology. It’s attractive to gullible or malevolent minds because it enables, among other things, scapegoating, absorption in mystery and a sense of being superior, each of which is attractive, depending on the personality of the individual.

It also fosters a sense of victimhood, always popular with bullies. But conspiracy theories depend on suspension of critical faculty. The theory believer is too attached to the glamour of the theory, and its benefits, to deploy critical faculty. Some people, overwhelmed by the world, find reassurance in them, some kind of temporary mental/emotional comfort and “explanation”.

In fact, the theory believer willingly distorts their critical faculties to accept only selective information, fastened on with great zeal, and reject anything that detracts from or disproves the theory. Conspiracy theories also depend on arrogance on the part of the believer.

The great religions & mystery traditions teach that all things work together for good, however crazy they seem, and that from enlightened perspective, everything makes sense. Poetry & art are rich with evocations of this understanding and we’ve all been touched by it at moments.

The modern conspiracy theory fashion is a murky shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of this eternal truth, warped and distorted. May it serve to show us, ever more clearly, how to not be swayed by bullshit