Visions By The Sea


My skewed perspective on focus is not a recent evolution. Rather, it is a tendency that has been there awhile, explored some time ago with the aid of a Daguerreotype lens in this particular case. This has just aided in my explorations, provided me a new instrument by which to poke around at the edges of my perspective on how to focus.


So we made the trip north, poked around and climbed above the exposed mussel shoals.


Just us, the sky and the sea. Bliss.







Endless Ends

One of the gaps that exists between seeing the ocean with your own eyes and photographing the ocean is that it can be hard to really capture the sense of movement, which itself helps convey the sense of space and depth. Sometimes I have found it helps to do long exposures. The motion blur can help illustrate the various layers at work. I think that is what this photo was about for me. The light was really nice as well but mostly I was enamoured by the layers: that brightly lit layer with the dark stony layer residing beneath. One moving to the tide of the moon, the other benevolently resting below.


Anyway, this is a partial story, as they all are. I always see more than I photograph and I always photograph more than I write about and explain. But I wanted to add this bit at least, for its depth.



Floating in the void
Between there and back


It’s all bright in front
And it’s all dark behind
Living for the now that’s in between the bridges and the signs
And getting there is still a long way to go
While others dream and wish
This is everything officially I need to know
Happy, boy you bet I am
Holding on to this smile for just as long as I can


Living In Another World…



… you.

I don’t know if these images are more about time or about light. I suspect the latter and the manipulation of time was just a means of making the light of the moment stand out from the crowded world of detail that surrounded it. But time and light are interesting siblings as one is often used to measure the other. And the making of these photos again reminded me of how much I like being anchored to one spot amidst that ever-flowing sea of time… to be as in the present moment as I can be. I set up the camera to be a patient observer and then I step back and try to imitate that as well as I can. Perhaps with each exposure I get a bit better at that patient observation of time and light.




New Life


I’ve burned my bridges

And I am free at last

All my chains

Are in the past


The day is wide open

The sky is blue

The world is a miracle

And so are you


The New Life starts here



Racists, bigots and stalkers

Banging at my door

I’m not fighting with them



Friends, Family and Pretenders

How do you do?

I can make it

With or without you


Citizens of the world

Child, woman and man

The keys to the kingdom

Are in your own hands

The New Life starts here.