Casual Fascination

AM5 copyOne of the greatest gifts of photography is the ability to be fascinated by something as seemingly mundane as an abandoned child’s bike, a discarded chair or an empty parking lot. In all fairness it wasn’t simply an empty parking lot, but rather the light during a sandstorm, late one afternoon drifting across the sand peppered surface of an empty parking lot. But that is still fairly mundane. Not many people are sitting at home and think to themselves, you know what I want to do today? It’s not dinner, it’s not clubbing, it’s empty parking lots. Not many people! But I am happy to belong to the people who do think such things. Because that’s what photography does for me, it gives me the tools I need to notice such things and a strengthened sense of creativity to appreciate them.

And I am thankful for that. It isn’t even about being able to make an interesting photo of such things, but rather simply the noticing of them. I think this image is alright, I doubt I will ever print it, it’s interesting enough to post along with this short train of thought, so that counts for something. But the value that came from this experience was all in the experience itself, standing there in a big, open parking lot that was a few hours removed from being packed with cars and people, that was noisy with human activity and had become silent, the play of the different colour temperatures of light across its surface, and the speed at which the clouds were traveling on the stormy breeze through the skies above.

P1I also found my shadow exploring the emptiness. I know that technically it is always there, following me endlessly around on my travels, whether it wants to or not. Sometimes I notice its companionship, sometimes I know I don’t, but yet it remains right there. I turned around, surveying the light, looking for any last moments of the day to photograph, and there it was stretching out in front of me. Was it in repose? In waiting? Bored? Anticipating? I have no idea. I never do. But it did hold still long enough for me to make a photo of it in that light. Within a minute or two, the sun had dipped those crucial extra couple of degrees and my shadow, though still there in some sense, had nonetheless dissipated, immersing itself unto invisibility in the greater pool of shadow that stretched across the land.

P2All in all, it was a good moment to be in and one I doubt I would have ever found without the benefit of photography.


In A Landscape


To remaIn at the beginning

uNtil the end

stArting anew

every singLe moment

with regArd for all

liviNg souls

and finDing life

in miStakes

and peaCe within


a Prayer for



So if you should go skating on the thin ice of mad life

Dragging beside you tear stained eyes

Don’t be surprised when a crack in the ice

Appears under your feet


Carrying just a memory

A snapshot from the Family Album

It’s all you have left for me


But when I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse

Out of the corner of my eye

I turned to look, but it was gone

I can’t put my finger on it

The child has grown, the dream has gone


And day after day, life turns grey

Like the skin on a dying man

And night after night, we pretend we’re alright

But I have grown older and the world has grown colder

And nothing is very much fun anymore

And I feel one of my dreams coming home


But this is just a passing phase

One of my bad days


Whats Cooking In The Kitchen….

A Life of Sundays


Spiedini Di Ivoltini Di Agnello


Lomo Iberico, Manchego, Olives, Rioja and Focacia

Since I have been housebound these last couple of weeks and will be the next couple of weeks, due to our litter of four, it has been not possible to go out and make new photographs. So the creative mind starts to think in a different way.


Lentils with Goats Cheese and caramelised Walnuts


One a day…….

I have written over these last couple of years about Trees, Dogs, Music, ND Filters, Autotelic, Books and of course Photography in general, all important for Mind, Heart and Soul. However the mortar that keeps it all together is great food.


Vingnole and Ciabatta

One of my passions (I know I know I have a few) is sourcing and cooking with wonderful ingredients.




Slow roast Shoulder of Lamb

I am by no means a food Photographer but these are some dishes we have enjoyed.


Tomato Bread


Rogan Josh


Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Oxtail


Tarte au Citron


And so another Sunday has ended and crumbled. Wouldn’t a Life of Sundays just be the best…..


I dreamed and I wandered
Wayward like a restless wave
Spanning from here to yonder
Most spectacularly saved
Dream and life entwined
The old day cracks and crumbles and it’s fine…


For All Time

AT2Two are sailing on the ocean, two are in a boat
One knows the stars
One plots the course, not apart, remain unite

Night is falling, morning appears
They find each other for all time


Two are scaling mountains high
Two are climbing to the sky
One looks at the world
One seeks the light

The earth still lying flat on the hand
Two are close to clouds, sea, land
And hold each other for all time


AT5Two already in the shade, two are sitting on a beach
One feels tired, one feels unwell
The long search for peace is within reach
Already all has been said
Already all has been dared
They held each other for all time


Just don’t forget to soon

What once was, was my life too

What remains

What now remains

Are friends for all time




Sometimes I make images whose concept is wrapped up around a word, but that word doesn’t exist. Or at least not fully. Or at least not in the language I want it to exist in. I often equate language and photography and try to think of them in similar ways.  Photography is a form of language, after all. And the ways I think about one reflect the ways I think about the other. Too often it is easy to mistake the limits of one or the other as set. We get comfortable within those bounds and aren’t terribly curious about what may lie outside of them. We don’t venture off into the unknown; sometimes we are not even aware there is an unknown.


Such is the process of discovery, and I suppose only a fool thinks they know themselves completely and thoroughly. How can you know what is not all there?

Picture Yourself


A fraction of a moment


Everyone is already a photographer. If you possess a curiosity in making images, you are a photographer. Ignore elitists and gear heads. Photographs are made by people for people and need to be seen in order to live.


Lately I have partaken in several interesting internal q&a sessions on reality. It makes for some outwardly placid but inwardly lively moments. I find myself fascinated by how thin a veneer our concept of reality is. We think we know the world and then suddenly something happens to show us whole other ways of seeing, thinking or perceiving things around us.


On a simpler level, Infra-red and pinhole photography reminds me of this. I see the scene before me in one way with the two eyes I was born with. Then I set up my pinhole camera with its wide, soft view of things and its ability to render not a fraction of a moment but a string of them and I am in another place, seemingly as easy as that. We build our realities bit by bit, over the years and decades as we age, learn, collect experience and evolve as people.


If we know how, we can step from one to another. Maybe not in the grand fantasy sense of the notion but still certainly in a way that can dramatically change the world we inhabit.


And sometimes I stare at the night sky, see those stars a million light years away

And it makes me feel small like a bug on a wall, but who gives a shit anyway?