Veiled Longings


I believe we all have a longing that one day we would like to live somewhere, have a house somewhere.

I believe that’s a longing for something inside; there is a place inside where that serenity exists.

Safe and sound with yourself. It is something I long for and I am working towards it in the most practical way possible.


I looked back and glimpsed the outline of a boy
His life of sorrows now collapsing into joy.


Good Hair Day


Finally made it to the local hairdresser. What a drive. Through woods bathed in autumn glow, past abandoned cottages, ever deeper into the forest, until you arrive at Johns house. I captured him on Ferrania film which is waiting to be developed.


Meanwhile here are a couple of images to enjoy.



Vernon Sinclair with the curly red hair
Breaks into Trinity church on a dare
Where the pastor hides a camera
To capture the rapture the day that it comes

Vernon gets afraid and runs


And as we play out these parts in the relative dark
They hand you a script
And then they pick you apart
Memorise all your lines
But the most you can hope to be an extra
If they let you

All the while you felt so alone
And you were not alone…
You’re never alone




Floating in the void
Between there and back


It’s all bright in front
And it’s all dark behind
Living for the now that’s in between the bridges and the signs
And getting there is still a long way to go
While others dream and wish
This is everything officially I need to know
Happy, boy you bet I am
Holding on to this smile for just as long as I can


New Life


I’ve burned my bridges

And I am free at last

All my chains

Are in the past


The day is wide open

The sky is blue

The world is a miracle

And so are you


The New Life starts here



Racists, bigots and stalkers

Banging at my door

I’m not fighting with them



Friends, Family and Pretenders

How do you do?

I can make it

With or without you


Citizens of the world

Child, woman and man

The keys to the kingdom

Are in your own hands

The New Life starts here.


A Stroll To San Gusme, Salt-less Bread And The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

The day after Siena, and having enjoyed a leisurely breakfast we decided to leave the car and take a little wander into the little hill top village that is San Gusme.


Down the Cypress Avenue to the very end, past the Ruin and at the fork not knowing which way to go.


Luckily enough Lucca the local Game keeper was at hand and pointed us in the right direction.


10 min he said. Famous last words. Uphill all the way, through wild woods, past clearings that presented views of some beauty. Vine hills framed by poppies and daisies in full bloom.


The sun was shining, birds were singing and on we climbed.  A good 90 min later we reached San Gusme. Took a look at a pristine and very much cared for resting place of the dead. One could still feel the mourning and the grief. The silence was tangible.


We climbed the last steps into the Village square.


Two or three restaurants, a bar, a post office, a bank and a Tailor. By now it was Lunchtime and the Tailor closed shop. A bend over gentleman of advancing years, but in great spirits.


The Baker lady hurrying up to deliver the mornings work to the restaurants.


We purchased a traditional Tuscan loaf from her delivery van, to take home.


On our way out of the village we decided to rest on a patch of land that was freshly mowed. The bench was slightly covered in tiny green and purple pieces. We rested, made some photographs and headed on home. 30 min or so later my left thigh began to burn and weep. I thought I was stung by a horsefly. Not so, the pulverised green and purple blanket so delightfully draped over the bench was the leftover from the Giant Hogweed massacre.


Country gentlemen
In cultivated wild gardens
Innocently planted the Giant Hogweed throughout the land

Botanical creature stirs, seeking revenge

Heracleum Mantegazzianum

My leg was on fire and blistered like I had third degree burns. And still we had a fair way to walk to our Villa.


We made it home. I cleaned up and was hungry. A welcome looking sandwich of Tuscan bread and prosciutto ham. A cool glass filled with the freshest spring water imaginable. But what was this. Two hard pieces of bread devoid of any taste. Ahh the traditional Tuscan salt-less Bread. And why not. When in Rome….


A day to remember, or in part to forget. Sitting here two weeks later my leg is just about resembling some normality and regaining full use.

giant hogweed

The Dream And The Light


Our last night in Tuscany. We managed to escape; transported ourselves for some days onto a privately owned Chianti Vineyard. Utterly inspiring. A Villa set in Olive groves surrounded by soothing hills and billowing plains, the magical splendour that Mother Nature has to offer.


So just go out and win
And should you lose? That’s fine
Precious love of mine

We made it, though, to this moment in time

The open road beckons. From San Gusme to the Val d’Orcia. Classic Tuscan countryside, rolling hills, sun-kissed vineyards and avenues of Cypress trees. Historic time capsules dotted amongst the landscape, transported to the modern day. All there waiting for us………more to discover ……


I found a wild wild wood
Full of white eyed birds
And a roaming boar
With no eyes at all
I felt a warm warm breeze
That melted worry and fears
I had a bad migraine
That lasted eight long years


And I know that I am alright
And I will wake from my dream tonight
And I will find some true peace in time


Lightbulb Sun

LS3I’m not who I used to be
No longer easy on the eyes but these wrinkles masterfully disguise
The youthful boy below who turned your way and saw
Something he was not looking for, a beginning and an end
But now he lives inside someone he does not recognise
When he catches his reflection on accident
You may tire of me
Because I’m not who I used to beLS1
But I’ll follow you into the dark
If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the No on their vacancy signs
If there’s no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark

If You Look The Other Way



Lazing on the shoreline while the spirits disembark


Seek out a place to sit and rest down in the dark
Smell something burning just a small distance away


I have no fear of anyone, I’m alive, my spirit free


Now the shadows are long, everything’s still, everything’s the same, and the dreams that I had are public domain


From a burrow underground
Climb to the surface, blink my eyes, and look around


Claim my place beneath the sky
I watch the stars without fear

If you look the other way I disappear