Amidst The Atmoscape

This memorable journey through the early morning Mediterranean mist, memorable for many reasons, just came to mind and I thought why not. So here it is.


Atmosphere of course would have worked. As they are from the Greek words atmos (vapor) and sphaira (globe, ball, etc). But I didn’t care as much about the sphere part of it, for me it was all about the atmos. I had driven under this blanket of vapor, without even a peek of the sun for two hours. Then driving north-east along the coast and climbing up the Mountain range I found myself exiting through the top of that world and into the bottom of another, separated by only the flimsiest barriers of water vapor and elevation.


At this spot, I had a foot in both places as the mists swirled across the Mediterranean Sea beneath, giving me the barest glimpses now and again before pushing up the mountains, caressing me with its gentle, cool breeze and the promise of a beautiful new day.


The Old Tree And Me



These woods are lovely, dark and deep

But I have miles to go before I sleep


Enticed by poets’ words and song

With roots so deep, unmovable and strong


Where branches capture dreams undreamed

And all my dreams will start with these


Now evening has fallen, and nightingales are singing

The last of Sunday’s Bells is ringing

And on the darkest hour of the year

Over treetops you perceive

Scarcely a breath – silence

Wait then; and soon you too

Will have peace


1000 year old Olive Tree – Palma

Less Is More


The more cameras and lenses I tried to use in the past, the less creative I was. Too much gear is too much complication, and stress. I fell into decision fatigue. I now make the best of what I have.

L6Holmfirth Easter 

The less we complain, the more gratitude we have. And the more patience we have. Don’t complain — just feel pity for the other person. The less we complain, the more happiness we will find in our lives.

L9Builth Wells 

The less you have, the more you have.


Hobson Moor – Winter 

Why make photos or be a photographer? For me it is to experience the world in a more connected, conscious, and appreciative way.

We live in an insanely distracted society.

Now, is this a bad thing?

I think so.

If we’re distracted, we cannot savour living.

L7Robin Hoods Bay 

To me, love, joy, and life is all about sharing our day, sharing our philosophies of life, and empowering and uplifting one another. If we’re being distracted by random crap on Facebook, Phone or the Internet, we cannot be present with one another.

L8Hebden Bridge 

Now, I think photography is a good way to fight this distraction. Photography forces us to pay attention.


Photography is an experience of looking at images, and feeling a sense of gratitude, awe, inspiration, or emotional change.


When I look at my photos, I feel a sense of gratitude for the past, and a sense of appreciativeness for the growth I’ve had in life thus so far.


Photography is an experience of interacting with the world differently.

L4Borth (Hinterland Location) 

It encourages me to wander, to explore, to look around, and talk to strangers. Photography encourages me to walk more, which is good for my physical and mental health.


Photography is a creative and spiritual outlet. Instant paintings. Instant art. Making photos makes my spirit feel uplifted. Making photos helps me make social commentary and critique, which I hope changes the hearts and minds of others in a positive way.

img810Home by the Sea – Dungeness

Ultimately, I consider photography as a form of experiencing life in a much richer, vivid, and beautiful way.

L4Delamere Forest 

Photography is like salt, pepper, butter, and garlic for everyday living.


I love life, music,  photography, and you.

Precious Light


It is a lovely thing to stand here and watch the play of light and shadow on a landscape like this.


Light steals the show I suppose, it is most likely that what you noticed first or foremost are the subtle realities that these are images as much about the unseen clouds overhead as they are about light. Those slowly drifting clouds, and the patches of shadow they cast down upon the land. Were what made the play of light and shadow so exquisite.


If I could paint, I would love to imagine more pictures like this, rich in subtler qualities.


But alas, I cannot paint well,


so I make photos instead.


New Life, Old Life or Before and After

The New Life starts here…….

I have an ongoing battle and a love hate relationship about how much, if any, personal information I want to share on an open site.

Well it’s not resolved yet, but for this post I shall make a measured exception and keep the door slightly ajar.


As I sit here on this beautiful morning,  putting pen to paper so to speak, tears of relief are rolling down my cheeks. I have got my life back.

A week ago my 8 year long nightmare of being stalked, harassed , lied about and impersonated by an extremely deranged and vile individual came to an end. I finally got justice and am protected by a five year very comprehensive restraining order issued by a Crown Court judge. Thank You.

CAnd by pure coincidence one valve in my amplifier decided to check out on the same day as the hellish last 8 years ceased to matter anymore. So in went a new set and glorious oh glorious sounds once again filled the air, caressed my soul and started the healing.

CHShould you have read this far I thank you for your patience.

Here are some simple yet important things that make me enjoy life.





C1A true friend and a sort of adopted younger brother

C11My Dogs

C12Great Food

C5A fine Cognac

C13A well cut shirt

C6Strong and very good black coffee

And last but no way least

C10The woman that I love who possesses a smile that can stop wars


And so as I embark on the final chapter of my life long journey I have decided to be much more selective with my time and will ignore situations that are not important to my happiness.

Ignoring is empowerment

Ignoring can be one of the best things we do in life.

I know it’s hard, and it is one of the things I’m trying to build, the skill of ignoring. And I need to remind myself that the power of ignoring others is a positive skill.

So fellow traveller, learn to ignore unimportant nonsense and garbage. Ignore negative people who drain your energy. Ignore insults, calamities, and downsides in your life. Ignore distracting social media, websites, blogs, media, and superfluous sources of information.

But never ignore your own conscience.

Safe Travels and the New Life starts here.