Quantum Gate


Being a film photographer I move a bit slower and am more concerned with the nature of delayed rather than instant gratification. Also, this image happened to be the first exposure on the roll, meaning I had to make it through another 11 shots to finish this up and even see this exposure. The notion of first exposures is a worthwhile one to explore. A higher-than-normal percentage of my favourite images tend to be the first or last exposures on a roll because I tend to lend more weight to the making of those photos. For example, I typically don’t load an empty camera, or empty film back, until I have a picture to make. That means when a roll of film does get loaded it is because I have enough of a purpose in mind to motivate me to load film. And the film that gets loaded is being selected for the first image it will be used to make. Along those lines, when I get to the last frame I really try to make that last exposure count. There is no better way to wrap up a roll of film than with an image you are excited about. Another way of approaching this is to go out without any spare rolls of film. I did this on this outing with my two Hasselblad backs, one of which is dedicated to colour and the other to b&w. I opted to not take any extra rolls of colour film with me and that back was on exposure 10, meaning I had only three shots remaining for an entire excursion. It is limiting but scarcity can also place greater value. With only three shots, or by waiting on my first shot of the roll, or the last shot, I am placing a higher-than-normal value on those exposures and because I do so, I tend to enjoy a higher-than-normal success rate with those images.



New Life


I’ve burned my bridges

And I am free at last

All my chains

Are in the past


The day is wide open

The sky is blue

The world is a miracle

And so are you


The New Life starts here



Racists, bigots and stalkers

Banging at my door

I’m not fighting with them



Friends, Family and Pretenders

How do you do?

I can make it

With or without you


Citizens of the world

Child, woman and man

The keys to the kingdom

Are in your own hands

The New Life starts here.



Sometimes I Surrender


Tonight I crossed the bridge of sighs and I surrendered

It’s been a rough week… well it has been a rough summer. Rough largely just because it has been so busy and tiring. It has definitely taken away time I spent on photographic projects, or personal life in general for that matter. The good news is I keep re-working older photos. This week was the roughest yet and I am left pretty exhausted. I should be in bed and soon I shall be, but before I went I made a point to get to one or two of my images, bring’em to life and to express myself creatively. It has proven to be the best balance for me over the years. Some seek comfort with family, others counsel with friends, being an introvert I turn to myself and the things I made during the lighter moments. My photos are records not of places I have been or things I have seen; they are records of me in moments, generally better ones. Through the photos then I can connect with that bit of myself. Creating is a wonderful gift and the benefits it imparts can balance out a lot of things. It is one of the best balms I have found when my soul is weary or my body exhausted or my mind negatively preoccupied. And yes, even with this piece here and now; the process of editing these photos, writing about them (vaguely) and sharing them has had a discernible effect on my mood. So yes, I am glad I sat down and connected with that part of me.


Birds fly and fill the summer skies and sometimes I surrender

I mostly crafted this post for my own purposes, but I suppose there is an example in this to be shared too and if I was going to turn that into encouragement it is to use positive action to balance negative. Creation, at least in this sense, then is very positive. Something to keep in mind, perhaps.


Sweet Dreams.


The disappearing world of footprints in the sand.