Music All I Hear Is Music

img770Leaving all the world to play
They disappear

img180Music, all I hear is music
Guaranteed to please

As the people run their lives
As their lives are run by time

MUSIC4Music is probably the only real magic

I have encountered in my Life


It’s not some trickery

It’s pure and

It’s real

It moves

It heals

It communicates

And does all these incredible things

It gives you wings.

MUSIC1Winter winter on the way
bitter cold she brings
Winter winter on the way
hard and deadly thing
Winter winter on the way
everybody sing …..

MUSIC3And for those long winter nights ahead; listen, dream and fly……




I’d like to buy a good
Used paper back bible


Too much time to kill
Too much wasted air
Too much everything
No need to think


Here above the clouds
I am free of all the crowds
I float above the surf
And I feel the rush of love


And I have always thought
That hand guns were made for shooting people
Rather than for sport


Guess I’d like to sell
A good used paper back bible.