Endless Ends

One of the gaps that exists between seeing the ocean with your own eyes and photographing the ocean is that it can be hard to really capture the sense of movement, which itself helps convey the sense of space and depth. Sometimes I have found it helps to do long exposures. The motion blur can help illustrate the various layers at work. I think that is what this photo was about for me. The light was really nice as well but mostly I was enamoured by the layers: that brightly lit layer with the dark stony layer residing beneath. One moving to the tide of the moon, the other benevolently resting below.


Anyway, this is a partial story, as they all are. I always see more than I photograph and I always photograph more than I write about and explain. But I wanted to add this bit at least, for its depth.


Down Below

The ocean is the place where the sky has room to be.


It is kind of crazy in a way, that I can stand at the edge of the ocean marvelling at its vast breadth, depth and mystery while hanging above it is some even larger. The sky is sneaky in that way. The ocean hides its mystery, making it all the more alluring. The sky wears its transparently, hiding it right in plain sight. I love the ocean more than the sky, I admit. But I should work on that. For the ocean’s depths are truly fascinating, but down is just one way to go, and up as it stands has a lot more room to run.



For All Time

AT2Two are sailing on the ocean, two are in a boat
One knows the stars
One plots the course, not apart, remain unite

Night is falling, morning appears
They find each other for all time


Two are scaling mountains high
Two are climbing to the sky
One looks at the world
One seeks the light

The earth still lying flat on the hand
Two are close to clouds, sea, land
And hold each other for all time


AT5Two already in the shade, two are sitting on a beach
One feels tired, one feels unwell
The long search for peace is within reach
Already all has been said
Already all has been dared
They held each other for all time


Just don’t forget to soon

What once was, was my life too

What remains

What now remains

Are friends for all time



The Falling Sky



What are you seeking here


Man I seek what will not stand

I bring home the golden light


The ocean and the twisting sand


Remember the night

When the fire didn’t answer to the flame

Promises, I’ve made no promises

There’s just the grey and the emptiness as it is
As it is –
I have mapped the falling sky,
But I’ve made it too hard
By forgetting the night
When the fire didn’t answer to the flame



The Guide Inside


I have driven past the turn off for Anglesey many times, but never set foot onto Ynys Môn until now. When I visit a new place I tend to travel with my pinhole camera and one or two film cameras. Several rolls of films with different speeds and a 10 stop ND filter, to cover every eventuality.


I tend to arrive very early and on my first stop I usually remove my shoes and just stand and listen to the location and feel the earth beneath my feet. If I am lucky my inner guide presents images to me, and I the photographer will do my utmost to recreate these vague snippets of beauty onto film. I call this inspiration. It is then that I decide which camera and film combination I will shot with.


South Stack


In the past I used to travel really heavy. Had everything arranged and planned the day before. Rucksack, camera bag and several lenses. These days I tend to travel light, it makes it a lot easier to concentrate on the art of photography then spending time on hardware selection.


Surfs End


I will stop wherever it feels right to do so. These moments are very precious as they can not be repeated on subsequent visits. I do re-visit locations, but by then I know what I will find. But that is a different topic and one I wrote earlier about.


Two Suns


Abandoned Beach Hut


Abandoned Home



Anglesey was everything I hoped for and more. It was a very spiritual place and I felt very much at ease there. As for me it is less about where a specific place is than what a place is about. I am so glad I made the trip……


Self Portrait

For this adventure I used my Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole and my Hasselblad with 100mm lens and a 10 stop ND filter. Some expired Kodak T-max 100 and Fuji Across 100 all stand developed in Rodinal.