Living In Another World…



… you.

I don’t know if these images are more about time or about light. I suspect the latter and the manipulation of time was just a means of making the light of the moment stand out from the crowded world of detail that surrounded it. But time and light are interesting siblings as one is often used to measure the other. And the making of these photos again reminded me of how much I like being anchored to one spot amidst that ever-flowing sea of time… to be as in the present moment as I can be. I set up the camera to be a patient observer and then I step back and try to imitate that as well as I can. Perhaps with each exposure I get a bit better at that patient observation of time and light.




A Place To Feel


Photography to me is an emotional endeavour. I am a pretty rational, analytical and logical person, or at least I try to be.

I do love to think and analyse things, situations and people. It is not that I am unemotional; I just value analytical and rational thought in such times over emotional thought.


But that changes when I get out into the world with a camera. As I said above, photography is an emotional activity for me. I try to photograph based on feeling rather than reason, emotions as opposed to logic. Sure, some analysis is necessary, I still meter and do the requisite math to calculate the long exposures I am fond of, but I get that work done as quickly as I can and it is only a means to an end. I don’t aim to make photos that represent technical achievement or superb rational execution. I like to try to make photos that reflect how I felt in a certain moment and that usually involves photos that contain some sense of the wonder I see and feel about the world when I am out in it as a photographer.


Perhaps that is why I have taken so well to pinhole and the old world photography processes. These types of photography are less about analysis than they are about intuition; they are less about documentation than they are about a slightly ethereal memory of being somewhere. It is then easy to dream, and dreams tend to be driven by emotion.


Anyway, the idea for this reflection came about due to a thought I was having regarding the difference between looking at the situation rationally versus emotionally. I was leaning towards the rational perspective, unsurprisingly. Then I sit down at the computer and start editing and looking at images and realised that they showed a very different version of me looking at the world and I found that interesting.

Buying A New Soul


He caged children, he bullies, he wrecks, he’s the conman of the age, the world’s most famous and inveterate liar. Churchill wouldn’t piss on him, yet here he is, accompanied by an evening-dressed Prime Minister, swanning round Blenheim Palace. Britain you just sold your soul.

New Life


I’ve burned my bridges

And I am free at last

All my chains

Are in the past


The day is wide open

The sky is blue

The world is a miracle

And so are you


The New Life starts here



Racists, bigots and stalkers

Banging at my door

I’m not fighting with them



Friends, Family and Pretenders

How do you do?

I can make it

With or without you


Citizens of the world

Child, woman and man

The keys to the kingdom

Are in your own hands

The New Life starts here.