All I can think of with these images is, what they might look like if Michael Kenna did more colour. Because I like what he does and then I begin to try to find that demarcation line between where the influence starts and where it stops. Not that I mind.


The fact is, Michael Kenna doesn’t do much, if any colour, and he wasn’t standing there. I was. And I had colour film. And while I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking on that particularly chilly outing, I do remember thinking about the colour.




Looking For Sid’s Cafe’


To me I post a lot, it is true. But I photograph a lot too. And if I am being honest I do experience a fair amount of frustration that I don’t do more with my photography. When it comes to social media specifically I have never liked putting up images just for the sake up putting them. Perhaps I would decrease my backlog if I did, but I always like to post when I feel something, or have something to express. I want it to be a worthwhile effort. At least, in my estimation.


But then I look through my library, searching for an image to post along with some idea I want to express. And I find one, but in the process I find six others… or more, which on the day of scanning I promptly filed away and forgot about it. But there was a good half inch of virtual dust on this file when I pulled it up. A part of me feels some guilt about this. A part of me doesn’t care. A part of me rekindles the idea that I really need to work on a new book that I keep threatening myself to start. A part of me thinks I really need to get back on the road and just make more photos.


It is an interesting thing to ponder because I keep circling back to the question of, Why? Why does it matter if I share these specific images? Why did I make it to begin with? Why does it have value to me, if it actually does? Why worry about it at all? And the answers to these questions and so many more are different for each of us. I have to some extent answered these questions for myself, either consciously or through my actions. I do place value in the images I create, but I also know I place a lot of value in other parts of the photographic process too, and that explains why I let so many of these languish. And in my own way I have found peace with that too.


But maybe not entirely.


Down Below

The ocean is the place where the sky has room to be.


It is kind of crazy in a way, that I can stand at the edge of the ocean marvelling at its vast breadth, depth and mystery while hanging above it is some even larger. The sky is sneaky in that way. The ocean hides its mystery, making it all the more alluring. The sky wears its transparently, hiding it right in plain sight. I love the ocean more than the sky, I admit. But I should work on that. For the ocean’s depths are truly fascinating, but down is just one way to go, and up as it stands has a lot more room to run.



Stable Genius

When a party goes from Lincoln, to Reagan, to Bush, to Palin, to Trump, it’s no mystery why Republicans don’t believe in evolution.

Stable Genius

I gather by my side a gang of misfits, crooks and dorks

They make me feel intelligent, the king of all the Orcs

I get my information from the liars at Fox cable

Of all geniuses who lived I am the greatest, and most stable






Rhythm is at the core of human life. And as we continue to occupy an ever faster pulsating, vibrating world, we respond to it and in turn are bound to its rhythm.


Without giving much thought to our dependence on the flowing of time we move through sunrises and sunsets, through the sequences of the four seasons.


Repetition enables us to form habits and to accept the world as familiar. Perhaps the need of a routine is deeply rooted in the very structure of our bodies.


Rhythm is around me
Rhythm has control
Rhythm is inside me
Rhythm has my soul


Self-conscious, uncertain
Showered by the dust
The spirit enters into me
And I submit to trust



Carved From The Same Tree



Whippet with collar

The process of making photos differs from situation to situation. Sometimes it is a serious and thoughtful process, sometimes it is serendipitous and silly. It is all good.


Wild Boar

And so to bring in the New Year I choose to share this post with the artistry of the other half who makes this crazy outfit tick.


Chihuahua in the snow

When Susan left the corporate nightmare, stopped the world and jumped off, who would have guessed that underneath was a great felting artist waiting to be un-tethered.


Italian Greyhound

And as I have not left the house since New Year’s Eve, because of bad weather and a terrible painful back condition, I decided to share some of my favourite pieces that Susan has created over the last twelve months.


Fallow Stag

I am immensely proud of her and felt great pleasure in photographing these artistic creations.


Chinese Crested

I hope you like them too.



Necessity can certainly be the mother of invention.




Min. Wirehaired Dachshund and Mouse


Arctic Hare

Eclectic Mix


Enjoy every minute, savour every sandwich, be creative every day.

Happy 2018 to you all