Waldmeister Liberty



23rd January 2004 – 12th December 2017

I’m dreaming of you
You are free of all the pain
You kept from me
Your gaze is strong

I’m dreaming of you
With those black brown eyes
That seem to see
Right through me
Your wise half smile

I’m talking to no one
No one but you
You who’ve moved on
I’m missing you
And your smile that opened all the worlds to view
We never said goodbye
I’m dreaming of you
In a multiverse of meaning
Fractal shards
From a distant star
Meet you in dreams tonight
I’m missing you and all the worlds you opened up to view
I love you
See you next time.

Goodbye sweet one.



The Passing Of Time

The following rambling thought is only tenuously connected to these images. I just mention it to alleviate confusion.


For one reason or another, I was re-searching The Pillars of Creation recently. There is a famous photograph of that nebula that was made over 20 years ago. But if you don’t know immediately what I am talking about, take a minute to Google it now. It is a wonderful sight. It also probably no longer exists. Scientists are fairly certain the Pillars of Creation were destroyed by a supernova that occurred about 6000 years ago. But since this nebula is 6500-7000 light years away, we can still see it, as it existed prior to the supernova, for another 500-1000 years or so. I find myself fascinated by how light and time can mix and blur like this.


Photography also blurs these boundaries to some degree, allowing us to catch and continue to reflect light that has already come and gone. In some ways, photographs are very much like little time travelling devices taking us to wonderful places that no longer exist as they once did. A record of caught light here, a remnant of an entity no longer in existence, a photograph of a forest that is still there but irrevocably changed from this moment on.


Anyway, just things I am thinking about.


Snow Math


Your math teacher would sport a look of disbelief if you insisted that two is greater than four, and for good reason. But I know of at least one situation where two (as in feet) really is greater than four (wheels).


It is the math of snowpacalypse. I can also tell you that one stalled car plus one stalled car quickly equals infinity. Or their exponential relationship between inches of snow and time of travel. I love math, especially blizzard math.


Last year’s snowfall was pretty incredible.


Will we get another such snowfall this year? I’m sceptical. This was a once-a-decade snow, which isn’t to say it won’t happen two years in a row… but probability is an area of mathematics that I spend less time in. I can tell you though that if we do, the number of exposed rolls of film I will produce will be greater than zero.



Cherished Silence


These images came from a quiet morning wandering a maze through a section of snowy forest. It quite literally was a maze, too. I had just reached the farthest limit of my walk and was preparing to retrace my footprints before the falling snow obscured them. This open field served as my turnaround point but I stood there for several moments before I reversed course. I found a small hill and was able to scramble up atop of to gain this view. It was just so quiet I was hesitant to leave. Quiet like that is rare these days, there always seems to be something honking, beeping, clicking, clanking, ringing, roaring, whirring, talking, or otherwise breaking the silence. But here in this forest clearing, all the silence of the world seemed to have been pooling and I stayed as quiet as I could to not sully that. It was magical while it lasted.