Gino 1

I have a pain I cannot shake, just a name in a data base – I hesitate

Got some bad news that cannot wait. Are you sitting down?


His lead still hangs by the front door
Though he’s been dead for five years or more
He buried him on the moor
So that he could keep him close


It broke his heart and it made him old
Tries to rebuild but it just erodes
Some people say that’s the way it goes
But he don’t feel that way


Something dies when a star is born
I met Simone Felice and Mike Scott
It didn’t make me feel different
I guess I lost all my innocence
Way too long ago


You called my bluff and you won the fight
I ran outside into the serious moonlight
I had a lighter that didn’t light
Well I know I shouldn’t smoke
I was gone, I was free to leave
Tears in my eyes so I couldn’t see
But I made my way back home


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