Having read The Lord of the Rings as a young boy and created the visual imagery in my mind I never felt the need to watch any of the movies. The characters were real enough and I enjoy having them with me.


So today I raided my Lord of the Rings negative Folder and put a little fantasy post for you to enjoy and journey into middle-earth.


Some Photographs are years old other were just made recently.


Susan has recently completed a needle felted sculpture of Gollum, and for the first time I saw a 3D image of how I imagined him.


And what has this got to do with a photography blog? Well two-fold really. One it’s my blog and I do as I please, but more to the point all these images were made using ND Filters of different strengths. So here is a little of my findings about ND Filters.


The term neutral density is a bit of a misnomer. It isn’t really as neutral as it seems. Most of my ND filters do quite well if I only cared about the visible spectrum, and sometimes that’s enough. But I have long suspected that many ND filters don’t block UV light as readily as visible light. Turns out that some ND filters also don’t block IR light quite as well either. IR light isn’t generally a problem for me since I do most of my long exposure on film. Most film emulsions aren’t sensitive to IR light. It is digital sensors that experience the most noticeable problems here. Again, not a big help to me, I just use IR-insensitive film.

I guess many film emulsions have sensitivity that extends into the UV range. I knew that certain b&w films do, but based on what I see, a number of colour films do too. This tends to result in a blue/purple shift when using strong filtration. It also tends to result in the underexposure of vegetation. Mostly I accept it. Eventually I suppose I will learn how to make best use of that UV exposure rather than fight it.


So off to find my way back to reality……..



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