Call It Dreaming


Pain is on the way out

And I want to find what can’t be found


Been up since the break of dawn

Lost my mind today


I am at the sea and I can hear trains

Winds of change so new


Blowin’ right through me

And pull me into the light


One thing I appreciate about photography is how it teaches me to value even the seemingly mundane moments of the day. I pulled up into this spot at the end of a long drive, just before the sun sank below the waterline. It was casting some wonderful, long light and, I made a point to take about three minutes to stand and make a couple of photographs before I set off onto the beach.


It only took about ten minutes to get organised, but in that ten minute span the light left. It made me thankful I had taken the few minutes to enjoy it while I had it. Light in the hand is definitely worth more than light ten minutes later. At least this time it was. This is a lesson I constantly remind myself of, to take advantage and to value the light I am in at that moment, to not pass it by or figure I can get it later because it might not be there later. Light and time are both fleeting and both finite. Making photos always helps me remember that.


My excitement I guess comes from how I experience moments like this and this isn’t the first case where these feelings have expressed themselves.


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