A Memory….

…..not much louder than a whisper


It occurred to me recently that I compose a lot of my images symmetrically. Not only am I not afraid of the centred compositions, it appears I gravitate toward them. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I use a square format camera a lot and square format images lend themselves well to symmetry.


More deeply, I think I like balance. When I make an image that to me feels balanced, I find that comforting. Balance extends beyond just visual arrangement though. I appreciate balance in light, in sound and other aspects, often in ways I cannot articulate. Moments, for example, spent standing in dusky light, during that span of time where the shadows are coming up to meet the waning light in the sky, when the sounds of the day are winding down and the sounds of the night are coming up. It was a hot summer day and the temperatures themselves had reached a nice equilibrium. All was comfortable and the moment had a nice balance to many of its elements.



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