Welsh Gold

Yesterday saw the last of our puppies depart for its new home. Rigby is going to live in Wales with our good friends Mark and Juliet.

RIGS1 They came bearing lovely gifts. I had absolutely no idea that there is such a thing as a Welsh Single Malt Whisky. And if it tastes half as good as it looks I am in for a treat.


And like the other Aur Cymru used to make jewellery worn by kings and princes down the ages, Penderyn single malt is also rare and highly priced.

To those who love it, it’s a new kind of Welsh Gold.


As for Aur Cymru, I have been sworn to secrecy about  the location of this River. One of the very few places the rare Welsh Gold can still be found.

“Iechyd da”!  To you all.


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