Silence Is Another Way


To saying what I want to say.

I remember this image, because it was a triumph of sorts, albeit a small one. But then again, so many of the pictures I make are small triumphs. This photo came after a challenging time. Photography is perception. I photograph what I see, or how I see. So how I think, how I feel are all deciding factors. Go out in a bad mood, or get discouraged, sullen, glum, unfocused or frustrated and these things impede one’s ability to see clearly. I was under two clouds not long before I made this image. There were the literal clouds hanging overhead. Those I didn’t mind in the least. And then there were the other clouds we sometimes find ourselves under.

But this story has a happy ending, or at least a happier ending than it did beginning. Things were turned around, some choices were made, I zigged instead of zagged. Sometimes this isn’t easy to do, but it is important to do, especially as a photographer. I slowly made my way back to that place I like to visit as often as I can, that space where I operate with a sense of wonder and curiosity for the world, where there aren’t edges or boundaries and time flows and light flows and in this case, the ocean flows. I stood there having climbed down a steep ravine, the cool ocean breeze gusting around me, causing curious little dances around my feet and I watched and waited and exposed and breathed and looked and found myself again. At least a bit of myself for a little while. But that is how it goes.


We need our places to play and to just be our ideal selves. I have found many places in the world that suit this purpose for me. I’m glad this image happened, then, for all the reasons partially explained and many others not.


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