Love Anyway


When you choose love you get the other things thrown in or find they’re not necessary to the situation.

img916 colour

While I hope some will find and appreciate my images, it does remind me that ultimately I am making these photos for me and despite how skilled I may be with a camera or how eloquently I write, there will always be details in my images that I am the only audience for, meanings that are meant for me alone. This is OK, because while I do enjoy sharing my work and fostering inspiration or motivation by doing so, I make these pictures for myself first of all. I am my first and most important audience.


I would go on, but the responsibilities of puppy play demand I wrap this up. But it is something worth remembering and considering in a social media-driven world where sometimes we unduly let our external audiences influence our decision making, to have the courage to make photos that at the least mean something significant to you.


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