Picture Yourself


A fraction of a moment


Everyone is already a photographer. If you possess a curiosity in making images, you are a photographer. Ignore elitists and gear heads. Photographs are made by people for people and need to be seen in order to live.


Lately I have partaken in several interesting internal q&a sessions on reality. It makes for some outwardly placid but inwardly lively moments. I find myself fascinated by how thin a veneer our concept of reality is. We think we know the world and then suddenly something happens to show us whole other ways of seeing, thinking or perceiving things around us.


On a simpler level, Infra-red and pinhole photography reminds me of this. I see the scene before me in one way with the two eyes I was born with. Then I set up my pinhole camera with its wide, soft view of things and its ability to render not a fraction of a moment but a string of them and I am in another place, seemingly as easy as that. We build our realities bit by bit, over the years and decades as we age, learn, collect experience and evolve as people.


If we know how, we can step from one to another. Maybe not in the grand fantasy sense of the notion but still certainly in a way that can dramatically change the world we inhabit.


And sometimes I stare at the night sky, see those stars a million light years away

And it makes me feel small like a bug on a wall, but who gives a shit anyway?



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