Blue John


Blue John


I have been fascinated by this very unique semi-precious stone for ages. The rarity of it and that it can only be found just a 20 min car ride from here is a bonus. So off I went to finally descend into the underground to see where Blue John comes from. I arrived at the mine on a miserable Thursday morning and had to wait some 20 min for the next guided tour to start. 297 steps down and 297 back up again. Our group was maybe 10-12 people and mostly retired folk that dictated the pace of our trip and that was fine with me. The slower you walk the more you will see and discover. Our guide was also one of the miners who mine the Blue John during off season. He told us that there will be only about 2-3 years left of the Stone. He said something that resonated with me. “You can’t take out what isn’t there.” A lesson here for us all me thinks. Once re surfaced and my mind made up to purchase a little piece of Blue John I travelled a short distance to the town and bought a lovely silver necklace for Susan with a most gorgeous piece of Blue John mounted.


Great trip, great adventure and a nice memento.


The images were made with my Nikon and Ultrawide 18mm Zeiss Lens.


And for a moment,


All you do is feel.


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