Colourflow In Mind

A Nod to Kandinsky

We just finished re painting our hall and stairs and the idea for a set of colour photographs, inspired by Kandinsky’s use of colour, was born. So here are the resulting images with some philosophical musings attached.


Kandinsky has left some of the most sublime colour-combinations, abstract forms, and spiritual thoughts on art.

Art is retreating back to nature


Art awakens in us an appreciation for life, nature, and the universe.

Music x Painting


I love music, music is the strings of the soul. Kandinsky likens music a lot to his painting . I love this idea of trying to create vibrations in the soul with my art and photography.



Colours in photos or art can influence our soul; how we feel, our emotions, and our mind.

Feel joy through art


If you’re an artist and not feeling joy, something is wrong.

Create art that vibrates your soul


Make art through your pen, your keyboard, your body, your voice. If your art evokes vibrations in your soul, and the soul of your viewer, you are doing it right.

Abstraction is clarity


Reality and life are very messy and complicated. I love abstract painting and art because it shows us true reality, not clear, crisp lines.

Necessity creates the form


There is no better form in art. Painting isn’t better than sculpture or photography.

Every art form is distinct.

Photography isn’t better in digital or film. It is just different. I prefer film.


Composition is the sum of organised tensions

If  photos or images have no tension there will be no interest or composition.

Enjoy art for how it touches you, but above all, have fun.

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