The Quiet Of Trees


For me it is often less about where a specific place is than it is about what a place is… if that makes sense or not.

I remember the first time I ventured out to Alwen Reservoir, though I don’t remember how it came onto my radar to begin with. I was surprised at how such a grand sight could sit relatively hidden away in a forest.


That first trip in was when I really came to appreciate the hike in as much as the abandoned house itself.


The hike is gorgeous for no particular reason. Even the forest road in runs through some beautiful forest. If I had to try to pin it down, I would say it was about the character of the trees up there… they are quieter than normal.


It is a very peaceful and calming hike, I daresay I enjoy the trek more than the destination in this case though I do more photography at the destination… though that is hardly a reliable way of equating value.


On my most recent trip out there I came back with daylight to spare and my reward was some lovely afternoon light patterning its way through the trees.


In this case I was drawn to the abandoned farm house just outside the woods. I lingered here long enough to make a picture… and then some.

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