To See And Be Seen


From sometime during the summer of 2014.

There is a truth we speak when we are not aware we are being seen. This fellow visitor was telling those looking at least a bit of that.It was actually an odd little moment, and really is not much more I care to surmise or extrapolate from it. I did not know him, nor did I get to. Just too many people, cannot know them all. In a sense, that is why I like going to old seaside towns to take photos like this, the sense of random, but at the same time it is not really random at all. Perhaps coincidental, but not random. There was a definite reason he was sitting there, it did not just happen, just like there was a definite reason I was passing by at this time.

So many myriad factors all bumping and crashing along. It is fascinating.

Lost And Found


Some people go into forests to get lost, some go to get found. Some go to do both.


See into the trees
If you can
Come closer and see
See into the dark


Just follow your eyes


The forest has a mind all of its own, but there is a cost should you decide to stay amongst the thriving beauty.


For the forest will bestow a spell upon you; binding you to live among the trees, whilst your soul will be cleansed and rewarded.


A barely audible song from a quiet Nemophilist.

Easy Like Walking


Creativity can be taught. I was crouched at the edge of the sidewalk in the middle of Stevenson Square for several minutes trying to line this photo up, while around me a group of tourists snapping photos of their surroundings. And as it took me deliberately longer working on this one image I noticed several people beginning to watch me. Finally I got the photo just how I wanted it, made the exposure and moved on. Near instantly four or five people had rushed over to where I had been with their cameras as well and crouched down to see what had interested me for so long. I hope they found something as interesting as I did.


Can You Feel The Silence


Such places

At such times

Have such wonderful stillness


Photography for me is a process of questioning. I don’t use a camera to take things or capture them or even to find images or even answers. I like how photography can start conversations for me, many of them solely in my own head and under my breath. The process lets me step just a bit out of myself, my head and the preconceptions I carry and wear like an old pair of boots.


This landscape could have just been a landscape, it could have just been a photo of a landscape but instead it became a part of a narrative and an exploration on too many tangential topics to be able to explain, both for lack of time and desire on my part.


Just as I am not generally one to have my camera prove things for me, I am also not one to try to provide the answers for others.


With photography no landscape has to be just a landscape.


The idea of a snap landscape has long intrigued me. You know, the methods that (some) street photography embodies. The capturing of a decisive moment, the unique moment, split seconds – brought to landscapes. The majority of my landscapes are productions of thought and action. I don’t mind this, I love waiting in the slow down world of pinhole photography. But at the same time, much landscape photography is not about split seconds… seconds maybe, but not split seconds. There are few decisive moments that seem to be found out there. And yes, it is a different world beyond where the roads end, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try seeing with eyes I don’t usually bring out there. Why not try a little candid landscape photography.


So I took the only road I knew.