The Power Of One


I  believe that photographers who create great art rely mainly on their own intuition and self-worth. An expert photographer, a great artist or a talented and relevant musician will not be swayed by the opinions of others whether a piece of work is good or not. Rather, they consult their own judgement, and trust their guide inside.


So what if we lived a life where we did not feel the need to keep score?

What if we did not count the amount of stuff that we own?

What if we didn’t count the number of accomplishments, awards, or degrees we achieved?


Modern life loves counting. Modernity has made counting the essence of society, economics, and life. Men would count their wealth by how much life stock they owned, or how many wives they married. Today, we are told to value our self-worth by how much money we earn, how much property we own, and how many followers we have – however mediocre.


What if we lived a life in which we didn’t count anymore?


I would like to think we would have less stress, anxiety, and frustration in life. We would be more content with what we already own, instead of desiring what was outside of us.


We would work harder in our creative work — because we wouldn’t worry about the amount of external affirmation we would receive and so freakily desire or place such an extraordinary amount of importance on it.


A man is not measured by the size of his field
But by the point of his choice

The grain of his voice
The strength of his yield

The breadth of his vision
The cast of his hand

In a peace filled land.


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