Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes


Photographs sometimes work on you strangely and simply: at first glance you see things you subsequently discover are not there. Or rather, when you look again you notice things you initially didn’t realise were there. Oil paintings leave a scene strangely silent. Photography on the other hand can be as sensitive to sound as it is to light. Good photographs are there to be listened to as well as looked at; the better the photograph, the more there is to hear. Listen……

sc14Just take a pebble and cast it into the silent Sea.

What does happen?

sc1Have a thought,

Cry a word or pray a silent plea.

Do you know what will happen?

Are we aware in all that we feel or do.

We can’t  escape from the truth of our soul.

Are we actually informed
About the mission of our life?

Do we know that we are composed
By the trinity – of heart soul and mind?

That our dark nights will come to a bright end
Once we have learned, once our common spirit grows.

sc4And all our silent cries,

sc12Our thoughts and deeds will arise in

Mighty Echoes.

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