Why Be A Song


Why be a song


When you can be a symphony


We encounter images or things on a regular basis and look at them… but we never really see them. We never really think about them or consider them and we don’t realise that we are doing this.


One of the trickiest things about photography is perspective. We wear our perspective like a well worn pair of boots or a favourite shirt. We know exactly how it fits and we are sometimes hesitant to get rid of it. Sometimes it is like a second skin and we don’t even know it is there… but it is. And it is how we look at the world and think of the world. It governs what we can see and what remains invisible to our eyes. And yes, there are things other people can see that you cannot, just like there are things apparent to you that are completely invisible to others.


This is what I like about photography. At least for me it encourages perspective stretching and growth. It encourages me to see things, not just look at them. To wonder and ask questions. To contemplate. To try to catch what was and may still be invisible to me. To not just shuffle along in line, getting on the ride, having my thrills and then shuffling along into oblivion.


So here is my wish for 2017. Take a bad year (2016) and make a good one


….and be a symphony.


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