Weary Engine Blues


As another year comes to a close there is just time for one more post. This was my first year of blogging. I enjoyed it and it gave me the freedom to put in print that, that has always been in my soul. So I thank you for stopping by however brief or however often. I hope that I managed to supply you with a little inspiration and insight on how I approach my photography. Thank you.

This has been a year of monumental loss. Not only in terms of the sheer talent, but also in terms of humanity that is no longer with us. Good people have left us, suddenly and unexpected. I shall not list them all, as we will all have our own association with those no longer visible. Travel on well friends.


One of the real humans who have left us – brilliant, witty, contradictory, alert, exploratory, curious, elegant individual.

We are through the looking glass into a strange, frightening, reversed world. May we never abandoned hope and succeed in doing no harm. And since hope is the last to die, I can only hope that next year will be a whole lot more peaceful and much less heartache and suffering.

And we could do with more of this sort of thing please.


I wish you all a year filled with peace, love and light.


Goodbye 2016


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