The Right Moment


My goal isn’t to make photos. It just so happens that in my normal course of photography that I make pictures, but I see this as a side benefit. I want to be creative. I want to be inquisitive. I want to be attentive. I want to be in the moment and I want to be hopeful of the future. I want to be fascinated and awe struck at the myriad subtleties to life and the world. I want to be aware of the fact that no matter where I go or where I am that there are so many things that are different to where I came from. There are also many things that are the same. I want to enjoy the pattern that a leaf makes skittering across the road in a gust of wind. I want to look back in uncertain curiosity at that dog under the rug – watching me.


I want to spend some portion of my life wondering about coincidences.

Who creates coincidences, after all?


Because then, regardless of whether photos come of the moment or not, I get something vastly more rewarding. Release!

Release from being tethered to the wait for the right moment to arrive.

The right moment is always now.

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