The Falling Sky



What are you seeking here


Man I seek what will not stand

I bring home the golden light


The ocean and the twisting sand


Remember the night

When the fire didn’t answer to the flame

Promises, I’ve made no promises

There’s just the grey and the emptiness as it is
As it is –
I have mapped the falling sky,
But I’ve made it too hard
By forgetting the night
When the fire didn’t answer to the flame


The Right Moment


My goal isn’t to make photos. It just so happens that in my normal course of photography that I make pictures, but I see this as a side benefit. I want to be creative. I want to be inquisitive. I want to be attentive. I want to be in the moment and I want to be hopeful of the future. I want to be fascinated and awe struck at the myriad subtleties to life and the world. I want to be aware of the fact that no matter where I go or where I am that there are so many things that are different to where I came from. There are also many things that are the same. I want to enjoy the pattern that a leaf makes skittering across the road in a gust of wind. I want to look back in uncertain curiosity at that dog under the rug – watching me.


I want to spend some portion of my life wondering about coincidences.

Who creates coincidences, after all?


Because then, regardless of whether photos come of the moment or not, I get something vastly more rewarding. Release!

Release from being tethered to the wait for the right moment to arrive.

The right moment is always now.