In the Picture

One of the first rules I learned when starting photography is that you should never have your own reflection or shadow in a photograph. Well since I did not make that rule I see no need to adhere to it.

In The Picture 6

This is my little Lee Friedlander moment. And if you know his self-portraits, particularly his fondness of photographing his shadow, you’ll see his influence in these images.

In The Picture 5

So don’t be afraid to be influenced, inspired even. It is too big a world and life is too short to be able to see it all on your own

In The Picture 3

And if you are not familiar with the self-portraiture of Lee Friedlander, why not start there. He’ll definitely change how you think of the self-portrait.


In The Picture 2


I am not out to impress the world,

I try to live my life in a way

that will make me happy.


In The Picture 1

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