In The Company Of Trees


I have found it helpful at any given moment to know who I am, not to speak of where I am.

T1The Bends

Trees to me are the past, present and future all woven together in one place.

T2Self Defense Against The Present Tense

What is past is past.

T12You Can't Go Back if There Is Nothing To Go Back To

We can look over our shoulders and catch glimpses of it.

T4Lost In This WorldWe can carry memories ahead with us.

T8Long Way To The Light

We take certain forks and branches based on decisions from back there… but it is still all behind us.

T13My Gift Of Silence

The future is up ahead, around that bend, out of sight… which ironically is what makes it both so exciting and at times terrifying.

T16Not One Of Us

Not knowing what is out there, waiting, what chance occurrences or tragedies awaits, occupies my mind and imagination way more than it should.

T10Sit Down Next To Me

And then there is the present, where I find myself standing, the only time that really matters, in a sense, because it is the only time I really have.


The Language of Photography is very much about celebrating the present.

T9For A Thousand Years

1000 year old Olive Tree

You cannot photograph the past (can you) or the future (not yet anyway). And my favourite images come from being in that present moment. The future will wait for me, it is right up there, the past I keep preserved in memory and photo, but I would gladly trade either to stand here a while longer in the company of trees.

T6They Dance Alone

They Danced Alone

T7 Horses


T17Perfect Life

My Gift Of Silence

Photography is a language, it is a form of communication, you – the photographer – have a message to impart to an audience (and the surest way to fail at this is to disagree with this idea). And as with any form of communication, the best ways to learn it are to use it and to experience it. I am a big believer in learning photography by seeing photography. I look at Photography books on a daily basis, I even spend a bit of time looking at photos on the internet though I do this very selectively and it is far from my favourite method of enjoyment.

T18Mother Of Violence

Nothing comes from nothing.

Inspiration is gleaned in bits and pieces every day from the things we read and hear and experience and see. And it stands to good reason that the more you read and hear and experience and see, the more you can create, the more you can think of to say and communicate.

T15Hypersleep To End The Day

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