The Guide Inside


I have driven past the turn off for Anglesey many times, but never set foot onto Ynys Môn until now. When I visit a new place I tend to travel with my pinhole camera and one or two film cameras. Several rolls of films with different speeds and a 10 stop ND filter, to cover every eventuality.


I tend to arrive very early and on my first stop I usually remove my shoes and just stand and listen to the location and feel the earth beneath my feet. If I am lucky my inner guide presents images to me, and I the photographer will do my utmost to recreate these vague snippets of beauty onto film. I call this inspiration. It is then that I decide which camera and film combination I will shot with.


South Stack


In the past I used to travel really heavy. Had everything arranged and planned the day before. Rucksack, camera bag and several lenses. These days I tend to travel light, it makes it a lot easier to concentrate on the art of photography then spending time on hardware selection.


Surfs End


I will stop wherever it feels right to do so. These moments are very precious as they can not be repeated on subsequent visits. I do re-visit locations, but by then I know what I will find. But that is a different topic and one I wrote earlier about.


Two Suns


Abandoned Beach Hut


Abandoned Home



Anglesey was everything I hoped for and more. It was a very spiritual place and I felt very much at ease there. As for me it is less about where a specific place is than what a place is about. I am so glad I made the trip……


Self Portrait

For this adventure I used my Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole and my Hasselblad with 100mm lens and a 10 stop ND filter. Some expired Kodak T-max 100 and Fuji Across 100 all stand developed in Rodinal.

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