Perils from the Sea


Iron Men Crosby

For as long as I can remember I have tried to figure out happiness in my photography and life. While I still don’t know what happiness is, I now know what makes me unhappy. Often we don’t know what makes us happy, but we know what makes us unhappy. Therefore happiness must mean simply avoiding the things which make us unhappy.


Lily of the Shore


The place I feel most at ease, happy and free to experiment is on the shore. I love the Sea, I feel her power and her forever changing moods. On first glance nothing much happens, but look deeper and try to throw all your emotional baggage over board and just follow instinct.


Ocean in Motion North Yorkshire

Oh how you will be rewarded with images that defy explanations. I love making images on the shore,  especially Pinhole images. And because in a certain sense in order to get to unexpected places you have to do things wrong, whether this is intentional or not matters little.



As I become more and more experienced in Life and at Photography the harder I find it to just let things happen. One of the risks of growing up as a photographer is thinking you know how you are supposed to do things. The more you learn, the more you learn the right way of things, the more you can be stuck in an invisible prison. Knowing how things are supposed to be done can be anathema to creativity.



All of our imaginations, our visions, our experience and knowledge have limits. There are amazing things waiting over the horizons of our minds.


Talacre Lighthouse Point of Ayr

We will never be able to see or experience them all. We cannot find everything. Or think of everything.



But what we can try is to be aware of our own patterns, our own deeply worn paths, our own habits that lead us down the same trails again and again. We can try to remember that the right way of doing things can just as easily be the wrong way, and vice versa.



The more you know the less you know. Be wise to remember that.



…..and don’t fear failure.

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