I have been thinking about adding a second pinhole camera to my arsenal, but could not decide which way to go when the new Reality So Subtle 6×6 was introduced. The shipping date was going to be June 24th six whole days before my Birthday and as this camera was a gift to myself I hoped it would arrive in time. And it did. Film loaded and destination agreed on – we were on our way. Some years back we ate in a fine Italian Restaurant and we decided to make this our destination and sample the fine cuisine.  Well – bummer the casa is no more.

So here are the images of what once was………


Empty Spaces


A Rose in the breeze.


Dessert anyone?


Let’s go home.


The last image is my Pixie felt hat wearing, brilliant crafter and fellow tilted traveller Susan. This was the first frame on the first film through the new pinhole camera, but as we are a  little tilted…….

Reality So Subtle 6×6, Fuji Across 100 developed in Rodinal 1+100 at 20C

Stand developed for an hour with 10 sec agitations at the beginning and at 30 min.

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