Going Back

Lost in this world

I love to adventure and explore new places, but I can have a very dogged determination to re-visit  the same place again and again. It may seem my dual nature in this regard would be contradictory. Return to the same place or go someplace new? You cannot do both things, or can you? What I try to do is find at least one new opportunity everywhere I go, regardless of how often I have been there. In fact, I think I get more satisfaction from seeing new angles of familiar places than I do seeing new places. Seeing something new somewhere you have never been is easy, just open your eyes. But seeing something new somewhere you are used to visiting, that takes imagination, dedication, patience, perseverance and a re-arranging of certain photographic and philosophical priorities. Ultimately when I do find that new nook or corner or perspective it is incredibly rewarding. So I advocate fighting off or through creative paralysis, laying aside the belief that you will at some point make all the pictures of any location that are possible, of looking past the obvious and discovering what is hiding beyond. I am glad I do just that.

Llandanwg 2010 – 2016










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