The People are the Landscape

People 1

The people are the landscape.

The people are the eyes and ears

Of mourning spaces

Forgotten places

With sounds of one hand clapping

Of landscapes that otherwise stand blind

Stand silent

Without eyes or tears

People 2

In sweet delight and bright surprise.

People 13


I have always had a feeling that people and landscapes need each other. Yes they surely work just by themselves, but when coming together something magical happens. Something spiritual.

People 3

The landscape is so often reflected in the aura of the people when momentarily coaxed out of their comfort zone to be photographed.

People 4

This landscape can be anywhere from large city to forgotten and desolate places to wide open spaces. I am always surprised how much more an image can give once people are included.

People 7

I am not talking about candid street photography, or landscape or portrait photography, but the union of human and spaces to create a unique landscape. Wherever that may be.

People 6

Something I enjoy doing.

People 5

People 9

People 10

People 11

People 12


People 8

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