Sound and Vision

As myself and many music lovers around the world come to terms with the monumental loss of David Bowie I would like to share a little piece of history. It involves Film Photography of course, but also sound.

In 1983 I travelled North America, armed with sleeping bag, tent, rucksack and of course a camera. My trusted Olympus. I happily recorded this adventure, when on reaching New Orleans I found out about the US83 festival and that David Bowie was headlining with his Serious Moonlight Tour. Not since the days of the Dschungel in Berlin had I laid eyes on Mr. Bowie. So tickets bought and I was on my way to California. Magic. The concert made Time magazine and Bowie adorned the Cover.

I then made my way up North to Vancouver to be part of Vancouver’s BC Place Rock’n Roll Baptism. A triple bill with the Tubes, Peter Gabriel and once again David Bowies Serious Moonlight Tour. Again it made the front page, this time the Vancouver Sun. And there in the front was me. I made the news. The point of this all is not just to remember David Bowie and this trip, but to recall all those images, all captured on Film and still looking as bright and true as always. David Bowie understood the importance of light. He knew where to stand and when to move.

So here I am some 33 years later still recording the world as I see it. I tried digital, but for me it will always be Film.

I will always remember this fantastic trip and the wonderful music, and as I sit here looking over these old images I feel 22 again.

Thank you

img010 reduced img011reduced Serious Moonlight Tour 1983 reduced


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