Fractured Soul


We have taken our world apart

Lost our faith, sealed inside this plastic life


Intimidated and resigned – we wait

Turning away from each other


We failed, for we did nothing about us

Promises, empty and full of lies


But I have a chance to save my last shreds of time

Follow my instinct,


Not afraid to try

Done with failures


Moving On


Whats Cooking In The Kitchen….

A Life of Sundays


Spiedini Di Ivoltini Di Agnello


Lomo Iberico, Manchego, Olives, Rioja and Focacia

Since I have been housebound these last couple of weeks and will be the next couple of weeks, due to our litter of four, it has been not possible to go out and make new photographs. So the creative mind starts to think in a different way.


Lentils with Goats Cheese and caramelised Walnuts


One a day…….

I have written over these last couple of years about Trees, Dogs, Music, ND Filters, Autotelic, Books and of course Photography in general, all important for Mind, Heart and Soul. However the mortar that keeps it all together is great food.


Vingnole and Ciabatta

One of my passions (I know I know I have a few) is sourcing and cooking with wonderful ingredients.




Slow roast Shoulder of Lamb

I am by no means a food Photographer but these are some dishes we have enjoyed.


Tomato Bread


Rogan Josh


Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Oxtail


Tarte au Citron


And so another Sunday has ended and crumbled. Wouldn’t a Life of Sundays just be the best…..


I dreamed and I wandered
Wayward like a restless wave
Spanning from here to yonder
Most spectacularly saved
Dream and life entwined
The old day cracks and crumbles and it’s fine…


Music All I Hear Is Music

img770Leaving all the world to play
They disappear

img180Music, all I hear is music
Guaranteed to please

As the people run their lives
As their lives are run by time

MUSIC4Music is probably the only real magic

I have encountered in my Life


It’s not some trickery

It’s pure and

It’s real

It moves

It heals

It communicates

And does all these incredible things

It gives you wings.

MUSIC1Winter winter on the way
bitter cold she brings
Winter winter on the way
hard and deadly thing
Winter winter on the way
everybody sing …..

MUSIC3And for those long winter nights ahead; listen, dream and fly……




I’d like to buy a good
Used paper back bible


Too much time to kill
Too much wasted air
Too much everything
No need to think


Here above the clouds
I am free of all the crowds
I float above the surf
And I feel the rush of love


And I have always thought
That hand guns were made for shooting people
Rather than for sport


Guess I’d like to sell
A good used paper back bible.

Missing Out

Dom 25 sep

Dominic came by for a whistle-stop visit on his way to Poland, Berlin (my home city), New York, Boston and Miami from Barcelona, where he has been living the Catalan life for the past four years. The dogs love him and he loves them. It is a mutual understanding without any sort of expectations. – Ah we raised him well.

Missy is very people suspicious but that did not matter to our 28 year old free spirit. In he climbed, into the whelping box were Missy guarded her four young puppies. I hesitated; should I make a photograph of this rare moment or not. If I had let myself be too worried about missing out, or too worried about the consequences of pinning all my hopes on this one exposure done in a fashion that is prone to unpredictable consequences (slow exposure, camera shake, the like) then I would have fearfully kept myself from even attempting this image, and that to me is one of the greatest photographic sins. I pursue images for the sake of the pursuit and with the hopes of success. I do not pursue them for promise of success. My mentality here I think is key to understanding my process. Would I have been disappointed if this exposure had not turned out? Not really. I was standing there with my own eyes after all. I have my memories. More important I have the knowledge that I tried and wasn’t afraid to try. And I would have the experience gained. Am I thrilled that the image turned out? Oh, yeah. I enjoy the successes, but I don’t worry about missing out. Once you start worrying about what you miss, you discover that list is infinitely long. You will always miss something, no matter how hard you try not to. So I let that all go. I don’t rue what I cannot do, I try to do what I can and enjoy that. In that vein, how could I not attempt to do an exposure of such a rare occasion? I wanted to see how it would look. That was enough for me and I dare say it always will be.