We Are Not Old – We Are Retro


Well maybe a little,…….but definitely retro. This is not a post about age or associated topics, but a little piece about my Rolleiflex.

I was asked recently to name my favourite Camera. That is an impossible question for me to answer. I would compare it to having to choose your favourite record, movie, book or painting. So I turned my answer around and said that my most treasured camera would be my Rolleiflex 2.8f.

Several reasons for this. The Rolleiflex I own is the same age as me, so there is some connection. But more importantly is the memory of the moment I first saw one, I wanted one and even more so since seeing images by Diane Arhus, Vivian Maier and especially Robert Doisneaus Book “Paris Les Halles Market”. I was hooked and wanted to photograph people with that Rolleiflex magic.Robert Doisneaus book about the last days of Les Halles Market is packed full of images that showcase the magic the Rolleiflex can bring to the moment when photographing people. I can highly recommend this publication. The camera somehow adds something I can only describe as another human dimension.


I have discovered exactly the same as those esteemed photographers  before me when using this Camera. And after some trial and error in identifying the film/developer that would complement my photography, and this camera best, I settled on these three.

  • Ilford Pan F
  • Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to ISO 1600
  • Kodak Portra 800

All these images here were made with these three films.








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The River


Few people want to sit and contemplate at the edge of an uncared for River. I like to think of websites as Streams and Rivers, and I had a personal website, but it largely lay stagnant. I used it more as a static portfolio site and Flickr was more like my daily photographic journal. A significant amount of time was spent on Flickr, posting and writing. It was quite important to me as I am driven by a desire to share much of my philosophy on photography as well and up to a couple of years ago I was content to share that via Flickr. But those attitudes have shifted with time and we move on. Rust never sleeps.

So today you are standing at the water’s edge of a new born stream and for those of you reading this in December of 2016, you get to be witnesses to the first tentative trickles, the splashing and cascading of this new born stream of ideas and I greatly appreciate that. My new website and this related Blog will not be a haphazardly done activity, it will be alive and vital and it will slowly grow over time and take us places that I hope many can enjoy and benefit from. Along the roaming pathways you can expect to find many different things. There will be technical info: the cameras I have used and the films I have exposed and there will be philosophical musings. There has to be. So much of how I approach photography is philosophical and I think being mindful of how I think about photography has a great impact on how I do photography. There will be entries on photographic adventures and odysseys, hopefully not infrequently… and of course, there will be photographs themselves. I do not plan to cycle the galleries on the site often. They are intended to be the collections of images that mean the most to me. They will undoubtedly change but that change will be gradual. But secondary collections can and will show up over there too.

The nature of a blog means that communication is biased in one direction but there will be room for comments.
So thank you, for right now and for all future participation. Thank you to those who are stopping by for the first time. I look forward to what the future of this Rivers Journey brings and where it shall lead us to.




d1For just one day, I want to have died for a day
To disappear between two halves of a Schmetterling dress
You can only spend so much time as the world’s guest
It’s Halloween, and half the city is costumed and crying
And I don’t want to be a human being
All-night dreams of a sky that’s filled with ashes
And one more day till October’s end
Days spent floating in the half between.


New Topia


It was us against the world
But now it’s me against something so big and so abstract
That I can’t tell what it is.


Well, our world’s in free fall and I’m terrified


And everyone’s just out to grab what they can get.


And be up there, where the beautiful people live

But is that ever who we even wanted to be?


You’ve got a big chance coming

A big chance coming now.


So don’t stay in a bad place

Where they don’t care how you are.




No-one ever saw you
Moving through the dark


Leaving slips of paper
Somewhere in the park


Hidden from their friends
Stealing all they knew


Lovers thrown in airless rooms
Then vile rewards for you


Buildings crammed with people


Landscape filled with wrath


Grey concrete city


Rain has wet the street


I want to see you clearly


Before you close the door


A room of bloody history
You made sure of that


But you will leave without a sound, without an end…….